Operations Business Analyst (Smart & Simple Team)

Operations Business Analyst (Smart & Simple Team)

  • ΑΘΗΝΑ, Λ.Σπάτων 81 15344 ΑΘΗΝΑ GRC
  • Head Office
  • Permanent
  • Fulltime

Σχετικά με εσένα

  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Business awareness
  • A team player

Operations Business Analyst (Smart & Simple Team)


Job’s Purpose

As an Operations Business Analyst in the Smart & Simple Team, you will play a crucial role in optimizing our retail operations to ensure efficiency, simplicity, and exceptional customer satisfaction. You will be responsible for identifying areas of improvement, implementing smart solutions, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement within our retail teams.


What you will focus on

  • Conduct analysis and prepare reports with a focus on workforce demand planning and scheduling of retail stores (Activity Based Modelling for Workforce Demand Planning).
  • Communicate with both the HR department and retail stores for servicing and troubleshooting respectively.  
  • Support reporting and ad hoc requests when necessary while administrating large databases regarding sales, items, hours, and other relevant information with main tools for use being Excel (macros & functions) and Power BI.
  • Develop and preserve the Hours system model of day-to-day retail stores operational activities/needs.
  • Conduct regular visits to our stores network to monitor processes and test or generate innovative ideas.
  • Participate in partnering with our Workforce Planning System vendors.
  • Analyze operational data to identify areas of improvement and implement solutions to enhance overall efficiency and performance.

Who we are looking for

  • 2-5 years of experience as Business Analyst (preferably in Retail Industry).
  • University Degree BSc. in Business, Operations Management, Finance or any related field. MSc. would be considered as an asset.
  • Very good knowledge in English language (both spoken and written)
  • MS Office Literacy | Expert in Excel (macros & functions)
  • Basic SQL knowledge
  • Driving License


Your Value

  • Analytical Thinking – ability to interpret data and make informed decisions.
  • Organizational Mastery – task prioritization – adhere to deadlines.
  • Authentic Communication – deliver messages in a clear – compelling and concise manner to a variety of stakeholders.
  • Result Orientation – manage time efficiently – focus on solutions – set clear goals.
  • Togetherness – value team’s ideas, uniqueness and safeguard belonging.
  • Business Acumen – keen sense of how companies operate.
  • Your authentic self


A place where everyone belongs 

We strive to be a better place to work where our associates reflect the markets we serve, where their voices are heard and valued, they find purpose in their work, and can grow and contribute to their fullest. We are an equal opportunity employer, and all applicants/employees will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability status, or any other characteristic protected by law.  


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We Give Our Best to Make a Difference in People’s Lives     


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Start your retail journey and live our values of care, teamwork, humor, integrity and courage. 


*All applications are treated with utmost confidentiality  

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